How to Track Attendance with Tiger[Link]

Follow this guide to automatically capture the names and emails of your event attendees.

When you track attendance at an event through Tiger[Link], you will automatically capture not only the total number of attendees but also the names, e-mails, and timestamps for each person you track.

Steps for Tracking Attendance:

  1. Register your event in Tiger[Link].
    *Note: Your event will have to be approved by a site administrator so make sure to register it in advance
  2. Go to your organization and click “Events” on the left side
  3. Open your event and click the “Track Attendance” button on the right side
     *Note: You must have administrative access to Events for your organization to see the Track Attendance Button

Attendance Can be Tracked in 4 Ways:

1. Swiping using a Tiger[Link] Card Reader
* Note: Card readers can be checked out from the  Center for Student Involvement using the Card Reader Resevation Form, which can be found on the "Campus Links" tab on Tiger[Link].

a. Plug in the Card Reader to the USB port of your laptop computer that is connected to the internet

b. Click the “Card ID Entry” button at the top right of the Track Attendance Page

 Click the “+ Add Attendance” button for the following three methods: 

2. Invitations

a.  If you used the invitations feature, you can simply go through and check Attended, Absent, or Excused for each invited user

3. Text Entry of E-mail Addresses

a. You can enter FHSU campus e-mails and indicate a user’s attendance status.

4. File Upload of E-mail Addresses 

a.You can upload a CSV or TXT file with e-mail addresses

To download an Excel spreadsheet attendance report click the “Export” button on the right side of the Track Attendance page.  This attendance record will be permanently accessible for your organization or office in the Past Events section of your Tiger[Link] group.

Use this list of e-mails to invite people to join your organization’s group on Tiger[Link] or send them invitations through the system to your next meeting or event! 

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Student Involvement at or at 785-628-4664. 

Posted by VINCENT BOWHAY on September 5, 2013