How to Integrate Tiger[Link] & Your Google Calendar

Learn how to use Tiger[Link] to add events to your personal or organization Google Calendar.

Every event that is put into Tiger[Link] can be exported to Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook with the click of a button. To add an event to your personal calendar, simply open the event and click the “Add to Google Calendar” or “MS Outlook/iCal” and the details of that event will then be input into your calendar.


Does your organization have a Google Calendar you utilize to keep track of meetings and events? Rather than inputting information twice into Tiger[Link] and your group’s calendar, simply create your meeting or Event in Tiger[Link] and then follow the steps above to add it to your organization’s Google Calendar. This will also update the Google Calendar feed on the home page of your organization’s profile.

When you create an event in Tiger[Link] you have the ability to invite people in your organization or via e-mail, upload an agenda or document, advertise your event, and track attendance manually or using card readers. Beyond publicizing campus wide events,  the Events feature can be a great way to manage and keep records of your organization’s meetings. 


Contact the Center for Student Involvement at or 785-628-4664 with questions!

Posted by VINCENT BOWHAY on September 5, 2013