How to Create a News Article

Keep your members and the campus up-to-date with news and information for your organization.

How to Create a News Article:

  1. From your organization’s page, click the “News” tab on the left side.
  2. Click “Create Article” button near the top of the page.
  3. Enter the Title, Summary, and full story text of the article.  You can use the text editing features to customize the style of the story of your article.
  4. Include an image by selecting “browse” and upload the file.
  5. Select the permissions for the article by selecting the radio button to the left.
    1. Public: Anyone is able to view the news article and will appear in the News Ticker on the home page.
    2. Campus: Anyone logged in to Tiger[Link] is able to view the article and will appear in the News Ticker on the homepage.
    3. Organization: Will only be viewable to members of the organization and can be accessed by selecting the “News” tab.
    4. Only allow the following positions: Only viewable to the selected officer positions and can be access by selecting the “News” tab.
  6. Click “Save Article”

**Only officers of your organization (or individuals with the designated power to write them can post News Articles.

Posted by VINCENT BOWHAY on September 3, 2013